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Residential / Commercial
Foreclosed / Distressed Properties

During the trying economic times of the past several years I have been called upon by several different real estate brokers to assist them with various tasks involved in the REO arena.
The tasks that I am intimately familiar with and capable of helping you provide service to your clients include:

Occupancy Check
 Unoccupied: Gain entry, re-key locks, secure garage doors (if any) with padlocks,  install contractor / broker lock boxes as desired. Post notices conspicuously front and rear
Occupied:   Engineer contact with occupants and start discussions on vacating the premises, including Cash-For-Keys negotiations if needed or desired.
 Document Status Photograph multiple views of exterior of the property, photograph multiple views of each room on the interior, take measurements of all rooms, document and report any damages or other conditions that would constitute a deviation from normal. Document and report status of utilities. Renaming photographs so as to identify rooms and entering all documents into the computer and producing a single report in the form of a PDF file. A separate file of photos can be made available as well.
CFK Engage in discussions with occupants as to amicable departure plans and engage in Cash For Keys negotiations. Execute CFK documents and tender payment to occupants as long as the premises is in an acceptable condition of cleanliness.
Trash-out / Storage
Personal property:   All property having apparent value and undamaged furniture is to be carefully packaged and removed to a storage facility as designated by the broker, agent, or designated property manager 
Obvious trash & garbage:  Eliminate all trash, food, clothing, human / animal waste, broken furniture, etc. to render premises into a "broom clean" condition, Transport trash and garbage away from the premises and legally dispose of trash and garbage at a waste disposal facility.
Ongoing reporting  document and report any instances of damages or work necessary to return property to saleable condition especially any "new" damages that may have occurred since the occupancy check or the CFK negotiation / transaction. Especially important are water leaks and any indication that copper thieves have been targeting a premises for electrical wiring or plumbing piping or plumbing fixtures. Anything appearing to be criminal damage should be reported to the police immediately.
Board-up Sometimes it is necessary or desirable to board up windows and / or doors. I am ready, willing, and able to provide reasonable quotes for materials and labor to effect the completion of these board-up tasks in accordance with the HUD requirements that define type of lumber, thickness, fastener sizes, etc. **
 ** In the past I have been instructed by certain brokers  to board up properties using materials and fasteners that would not comply with the HUD requirements for securing a vacant property and I simply will not permit any  sub-standard work to be  performed on my jobs simply because I am given an unrealistically low budget.
Sale Clean Perform all cleaning activities necessary to render the premises into a sale ready condition including "spic-n-span" the kitchens and bathrooms, vacuum clean carpets, shampoo dirty carpets as necessary, perform dusting in all areas, replace batteries in smoke / CO2 detectors, clean and check operation of all appliances (as much as utilities allow), furnace, air-conditioner, ensure that the garage is in a clean condition. 
Premises Maintenance
Schedule an initial cleanup of landscape and grounds together with a designated follow-up schedule for maintaining the lawns, foliage, fencing, and outbuildings in a secure and orderly fashion.


I understand that some brokers prefer to do some of these tasks personally and have personal preferences as to how various of these tasks are to be performed. I am completely capable of managing each broker's projects in a manner consistent with their preferences. I am usually able to negotiate a flat rate for most routine services (occupancy check, re-keys, photos, etc). Obviously trash-outs, sale-cleans, and initial landscaping would necessarily be individually quoted.

 I have several associates and contacts capable of performing these tasks and have a privately owned U-Haul truck at my disposal for any moving and storage or trash-out operations as well as a generator, wires, and lighting that will enable my staff and  I to conduct these operations regardless of utility status. The only caveat is that we may have to negotiate with a close by neighbor to acquire running water if necessary for clean-up operations. .




Commercial: re-keying, master-keying*, lock repairs, strike adjustments, installation of locks and deadbolts, opening of businesses when locked out. I also design and install access control systems including electric strikes, magnetic locks, electronic key-pads, card readers, CCTV systems and more. 

One little example of my work - retrofit of a malfunctioning lock with a Simplex / Unican 7014 mechanical combination lock

I also have access to  HIGH SECURITY locks for your business - CLICK HERE for more information on HIGH SECURITY locks.

*If you are interested in the subject of  keys stamped "do not duplicate" and information on the thoughts of someone involved in institutional locksmithing you might want to read a personal position paper by Don O'Shall called:
"Do Not Duplicate" and the Institutional Locksmith (Microsoft Word format) (PDF format)




I frequently get calls from customers wanting me to give them an "EXACT" quote to re-key their home or business. 
This is frequently very difficult to impossible to do because much of the time the caller is in a big hurry for a quick answer OR
the customer may not be at the premises they want a quote about so they are unable to look at the locks and give me specific answers to my specific questions.

Question: How much is it to re-key a house?
Answer:    MOBILE SERVICE FEE* +  (Quantity of KEYHOLES or CYLINDERS  X  per cylinder cost)   +   keys   +   tax   = Total Re Keying Cost.

A doorknob or lever handle may have
keyholes (
passage or privacy function)                       
ONE keyhole   (keyed entry or storeroom function)                     
    TWO   keyholes (
usually commercial /  industrial functions)
A deadbolt will be either: 
(1) a  single cylinder with ONE keyhole outside and a thumb-turn on the inside
(2) a double cylinder with TWO keyholes, one inside and one outside.             

Therefore a door with a knob or lever and a deadbolt may have 1, 2, 3, or 4 keyholes on that door. 
If someone has installed more locks on the door the number of keyholes is unpredictable. 

For most common residential and commercial (not high security) lock services my charges are as follows: 

Item Cost Description
RK (re-key) $12.50 / cylinder Re-key cylinder with an existing working key present.
RKWO (re-key w/o key) $17.50  / cylinder Re-key cylinder with no existing working key or control key present.
OPEN $20.00  /  lock Open Locked door to gain access.
RE-INSTALL $20.00  / lock Remove old lock and install new lock on previously prepared door. (Customer provided hardware or extra charge for locksmith provided hardware)
KEYS $  2.50  / key Most common keys, KW1, KW10, SC1, SC4, Weiser, Weslock, Dexter, Master, Defiant, Brinks, etc.

*MOBILE SERVICE FEE - This fee varies depending on a variety of conditions. Minimum is $55.00. If you need help after hours or at some extended distance my specific mobile service fee can be quoted on the phone at that time. Outside the 101 loop is a minimum of $10.00 more with the exception of the Tempe / Mesa area where I am presently living.





Please note that advertisements for unrealistically low service fees such as $14.00, $15.00, $19.00, etc are typically published by  the CRIMINAL SCAMMERS that are masquerading as locksmiths and defrauding consumers many times daily throughout our nation.

If you think about it you will realize that anyone operating a $10,000-$20,000 service vehicle consuming $3.50+/gallon gasoline, carrying literally thousands of dollars of equipment and inventory being willing to spend at least 1/2 hour driving to your location do those really low prices have any chance of being realistic?  Absolutely NOT! Its called "BAIT AND SWITCH" and is illegal everywhere in our great nation.


Anyone with any questions about commercial lock work or any other aspect of locks, keys, security, etc is encouraged to e-mail me at



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