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Locksmith Charley

Charles Eastwood, CRL    Automotive:

Automotive services include opening, making first key when all keys are lost, and re-keying to a new key.
I also have the GM VATS keys as well as TRANSPONDER keys for many vehicles.

Please click here to get more information on TRANSPONDER KEYS.  
Lots of new information - updated July, 2013!

  If you have a transponder vehicle it is ESSENTIAL to have spare keys on hand
TO AVOID A VERY EXPENSIVE  problem should your key be lost or stolen or broken


TODAY'S CHALLENGE:     Call the dealer and ask how much for an extra key or replacement key.   
                                                                 Then call me and ask me the same thing.
BETCHA I charge less than the dealer and you won't have to tow the car to me either!



Often times I can give accurate automotive quotes "off the top of my head".
Sometimes I must consult with my books or computer to arrive at a realistic quote.
If the customer calls while I'm on a job or driving I may have to call back with a firm realistic quote.
Usually when it is a quote for automotive work I give a simple flat rate that includes my mobile service fee (as described above)

More than 90% of the time I don't charge anything differently from what I quote.
Sometimes if the job is just a lot more simple than I thought
I will charge less.
I usually let a smaller than expected charge be a surprise to the customer when the job is done.

Occasionally I will discover that the situation is not what I was told that it was or that for some other reason the end result of the charges will be above my original quote. I always tell customers immediately upon my discovery that things simply are not as expected and give them a firm re-quoted price.

Sometimes it will depend upon the nature of the call and the time of the day. For many vehicles I can call in and get a key code (and a PIN# if needed) during daytime hours. Some (notably Chrysler products) are available 24/7 by internet.  With some code providers there is an after hours fee to obtain key codes.

If lost keys occur after hours &  the vehicle involved is one that I can't get codes for after-hours I may have to make keys the old fashioned way, a lot of work disassembling the car door, steering column, or dashboard. Some transponder equipped cars will also require further disassembly to locate and remove the immobilizer unit, engine control unit, or both for "flashing" of the part's memory.  

I will always let you, the customer, know up-front how much you'll be paying and I won't start working unless and until you accept my fees.  I am not out here to rip anyone off, but driving a mobile shop around that is equipped with a lot of expensive tools and a good supply of parts is not an inexpensive proposition.

*I shot the photo at the top of the page, of the convertible, while driving my car on a freeway in San Diego while going around a curve. I really wanted a front-view shot, but I couldn't quite pull that off.