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About Scammers Posing as Locksmiths:

Consumers are urged to visit to learn more about the nationwide epidemic of locksmith scammers. 
Media and legal inquiries are invited to call 800-313-5397."> Click HERE for PRESS RELEASES!

Locksmith SCAMS

are a Nationwide Epidemic

Please don't be victimized


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She was charged almost $1000.00 to rekey her house

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Please note that advertisements for unrealistically low service fees such as $14.00, $15.00, $19.00, etc are typically published by  the CRIMINAL SCAMMERS that are masquerading as locksmiths and defrauding consumers many times daily throughout our nation.

If you think about it you will realize that anyone operating a $10,000-$20,000 service vehicle consuming $3.50+/gallon gasoline, carrying literally thousands of dollars of equipment and inventory being willing to spend at least 1/2 hour driving to your location do those really low prices have any chance of being realistic?  Absolutely NOT! Its called "BAIT AND SWITCH" and is illegal everywhere in our great nation.


SHAME ON BING!              2013-08/07


What do they have in common? UnRealistic low prices, UnRealistic Fast response promise, and slick websites with no "exact local street address" and
no names of individual owners and technicians
, most wanting you to either call a toll-free (call center) phone number or fill out a form. 
The 5 star one has an address in NYC associated with Eran Varnai, CPA Janus Associates Inc, 144-42 Jewel Avenue, Flushing, NY - 11367, Phone: 718-577-9197


SHAME ON BING!   nbsp;     2013-08/07

Today's Challenge!  
Call any of these places and ask if there is a locksmith there.
  1. Probation Compliance Inc (602) 523-9800
    132 S Central Ave Phoenix, AZ - 85004
  2. Subway - 602-716-9880
    530 E McDowell Rd Phoenix, AZ - 85004
  3. Cocina Economica La 1550 N 16th St Phoenix, AZ - 85006
  4. (602) 817-1111 (I've eaten there - no locksmith)
  5. Alcock & Associates DUI Laywer, Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer
    2 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 404-6000
  6. Address Verified  - Address is vacant (AS16).  per




History of the fight against the Organized criminals posing as Locksmiths
(commonly called "scammer Locksmiths" or "Mocksmiths")
9/21/2010 On Tuesday (9/21/2010) LOCKSMITH CHARLEY filed suit against 11 companies of "locksmith scammers", several telephone companies supporting their activities, Google, Yahoo, and the Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard.  A hearing has been set for October 4th at 9:30AM. Judge Mangum has ordered the defendants to appear and show good cause why he should not issue a preliminary injunction to shut off at least 450 telephone numbers belonging to the 11 different companies. Consumers are urged to visit to learn more about the nationwide epidemic of locksmith scammers. Media and legal inquiries are invited to call 800-313-5397.
6/28/2012 On June 28, 2010, after 3 more hearings on my Order to Show Cause (notably CincoDeMayo and "D-DAY), Judge Mangum has ruled in this matter and has ordered a preliminary injunction prohibiting the appearing defendants (ATLAS, MILLER, MILLENNIUM, COMPLETE, and TRUST) from using any false addresses, that is to say, an address where they do not have a physical presence. The entire ruling may be read at: Documents/PreliminaryInjunction-ISSUED-2011-06-30.pdf
If you are a consumer or a locksmith that has been following this issue you know what a huge victory this is!
11/21/2012 On November 21, 2012 the Arizona Court of Appeals  heard oral arguments based on the appeal of several of the defendants of the preliminary injunction issued  by the Superior Court.
1/31/2013 In November 2012 DEX delivered an East Valley Yellow Page directory to my residence. Under Locks & Locksmiths there were about 237 one line listings. Over 200 of those listings specified addresses  that either (a) didn't exist or (b) existed but belonged to someone else, i.e. no locksmith there.
The overwhelming majority of the telephone numbers involved were facilitated by MCI and their resellers. In their letter dated 1/31/2013 MCI informed the FCC that due to my complaint MCI and/or their resellers disconnected "more than 200" telephone numbers of locksmith scammers in the Phoenix market.
The 200+ disconnected telephone numbers represent over 80% of the 237 one-line locksmith listings in the book we analyzed.

3 month anniversary of AZ Court of Appeals hearing - no results. 2/28/2013 will represent 8 months of inactivity since our injunction was issued.



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