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There is a lot to be said for having the proper safe for the proper purpose. 
A BURGLARY rated safe is usually all steel construction and is designed to keep unauthorized people from accessing its contents and in a fire would act much like a cast iron skillet on the stove - it (and the contents) will get as hot as the fire - and will stay hot after the fire is gone until it cools down.  
A FIRE rated safe on the other hand is designed to keep its contents safe from fire (usually 350°F for 1 hour) however most can be readily opened with a crowbar or hammer or both in relatively short order (1-15 min).
There are safes that are rated for both burglary and fire such as AMSEC's BF series (see the AMSEC page).  

Use the proper container for the proper purpose - see the safe RATINGS CHART
Burglary container: Money, Jewelry, Guns
Fire container: Insurance papers, Mortgages, Vehicle Titles, any important papers.

Information on NEW safes:  
There are a variety of safe manufacturers both domestic and imported. One of the major domestic safe manufacturers is American Security Products also known as AMSEC®. I have created a web page providing details on many of AMSEC's safes including inside and outside dimensions and retail pricing. CLICK HERE FOR AMSEC INFORMATION. *NOTE* Amsec is also the manufacturer of STAR® and MAJOR® brand name safes. 


A lot of safes use a 3 wheel combination lock made by Sargent and Greenleaf®, LaGard®, or Ilco® (now KABA-Ilco® or KABA®). If you have a safe with one of those locks and are having trouble opening it you may want to look over my page on PROPER DIALING INSTRUCTIONS 


NEW Safes I have in Stock or can acquire from a distributor immediately:

        1. Amsec® B1500 Burglary safe.

        2. STAR® C3 tubular floor safe. 


Used Safes I have for sale:     1. Allied Gary money chest

                                                          2.  AMSEC DSF2014 money drop safe  $400.00 with new ESL-5 lock.



Interesting safes that I have previously sold

                                   1943 Diebold Fire safe                       Gardall w/drop slot                Johnson Pacific Floor safe

If you need further information about safes or wish to purchase one or arrange for servicing of your existing safe please feel free to contact us.

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